About Us


Carsright is a diversified automotive company based out of PuneIndia, providing a wide range of products and services that are relevant to the burgeoning Indian car market, which is today driven by an aware, enthusiastic and economically sound consumer. A lot of thought has gone into developing a range of products and services that will be useful to this discerning car buyer and the dealer network that supports him.

Carsright generates and authenticates India used car prices with advanced proprietary software created to attain true prices with advanced precision. Extensive research and due diligence has been performed to create a pricing platform that takes into account the taxation laws and supply and demand by region in India. Carsright is the only company to publish pricing data in India, which goes beyond any other valuation services in the market and is the only service to be authenticated by banks, insurance companies, and other institutions. 

We invite users to utilize the many services offered by Carsright to assist in their car buying and selling needs. Carsright has developed a range of services to compliment the primary service of used car valuations. Additional services include new and used car listings, new car research, financing tools, insurance, and warranties.

The principal products and services offered by Carsright then are:

  • Used car pricing through an original price guide publication.
  • The Carsright website that features an online used car price guide, used car listings, new and used car lead generation, new car dealership partner programme services.
  • Additional industry tools.

Carsright features a used car price guide as an original book concept that is published and marketed to Indian individuals and businesses. Valuations on used cars is an important tool in assisting buyers, sellers, and other users in need of determining a fair price on a specific car for purchasing, exchanging, or other transactions. 

The Carsright Used Car Price Guide book has a large circulation throughout all retail and automotive related outlets, book stores, and malls in India. Advertisements are high quality full page colour ads strategically positioned within the book to be in the proximity of the manufacturer associated with the corresponding dealership for maximum effectiveness in attaining marketing exposure. 

The price guide is published each month as a paperback booklet strategically designed for a distinguishable and opulent appearance. Publications will be offered at a low cost and distributed among strategic locations throughout India for maximum exposure to reach a targeted demographic of car owners and other affluent consumers.

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