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Carsright is offering Indian franchise car dealerships an exclusive dealer partnership programme that will assist in increasing market share, efficiency, and most importantly sales through its original service offerings. Services include use of the Carsright Used Car Price Guide publication and proprietary software, marketing and advertising, new and used car lead generation, and other beneficial features.

Dealers benefit from the exclusive Carsright Dealer Partnership Programme by placing full page colour advertisements in the Carsright Price Guide book. The price guide book will be circulated throughout India and distributed strategically for maximum exposure to key demographics of affluent car buyers. As an advertiser in the Carsright Price Guide book dealers can be assured they are reaching the very best possible target audience of new and used car buyers in their area given its extensive circulation coverage. This is possible essentially because the price guide book serves as a valuable car buying/selling tool since it is primarily viewed by individuals who have a specific interest in the price of a used car or the exchange value of their own car for a future purchase.

Dealership partners will receive the proprietary Carsright Used Car Price Guide software updated on a monthly basis via CD or online download for use at the dealership. In addition, the dealer will also have access to a private administrative account with a login username and password with the Carsright website. The private admin account allows dealers to receive and manage used and new car leads through an advanced system of tools that include automated pre-drafted email correspondence, data and record keeping, monitoring and analysis of employee performance, marketing and broadcasting emails, and more.

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